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What to do? Where to go? Who to follow?

It’s Friday-smile day 😆😆😆

Here to keep you entertained this weekend.

The color purple

A musical about faith, strength and forgiveness. This play comes with so many great reviews, described by critics as “vibrant”, “emotional”, “magnificent” and “glorious”. You can check it out at the joburg theatre, running from 31 January- 4 March.

Im a child so let me be

A thought provoking production filled with poetry, music and dance. Taking on sensitive issues that may still take place in today’s society. Performed by juniors, you sure to have a great time. Catch it at the Soweto theatre from 9 February – 10 February.

Nsikayesizwe Ngcobo

Also know as Nasty C, he is one of the many young South Africans doing the most out in the world. He inspires the youth to follow their dreams regardless of age. He will also be turning 21 in a few days, talk about yayyy!

You can follow him on Twitter @Nasty_CSA

And Instagram @Nasty_CSA

Have a happy Friday with a wonderful weekend on top.

Tattoo’s , Piercings, Gold teeth

I remember a conversion with a friend who told us about his sister going out for this job related to marketing.

He said that the owner of this company would not higher anyone who had gold teeth, tattoo’s or piercings (excluding ear piercings on female’s). In that moment I feared not only for myself by for the millions of people who had any of thee above. I was afraid that my dreams would now come to a stand still because of how I look like which honesty is nothing new. Was I being dramatic? Maybe, but can you imagine going to varsity to study for what must seem like forever to get your dream job only to find out that you can no longer get that job because although you are qualified for the position, you just don’t “look” the part.

Another example is the television industry and gold teeth. Can you tell me how many people with gold teeth you’ve seen in series and movies ? Do these people not act because there are few roles for them to play or because their teeth would just reflect a whole lot of light rays back to the camera?

Yes, some might argue that maybe you just shouldn’t have gotten it done in the first place if you knew about the consciousness of you decision but the reality is that so many don’t know. It’s not just about being trendy. It may be cultural and represent the community in which you live. Like tattoo’s, it may symbolize much more then what the naked eye could possibly see.

So for any of you looking to get any of thee above done. Make sure that you don’t only know how to handle the complements that come along with it but also the judgement.